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 We drove to Arizona early Dec. of 2016 where Art's brother JC and wife Linda spent Christmas with us.  Early January, Elaine's granddaughter Karah and boyfriend Alex came to visit for 5 days.        Our friends Helen and Harlan came to visit also in January.    When our early visitors were here the weather was cool and rainy.   As a result we did not do any sightseeing outside of town.       In February Elaine's oldest daughter Wendy and her husband Karl (Karah's parents) came to visit.    They were here for a long weekend and wanted to go hiking with John.   So not a lot of  sightseeing.                Next Art's oldest sister came to visit, she was here the previous year.   This time we did get in some sightseeing by going to see Death Valley National Park in California and on the way back we got to see the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, AZ.   Going to Death Valley we drove around Hoover Dam on the new bridge but on the way back we toured the "strip" in Las Vegas, drove across Hoover Dam on the way to Lake Havasu.   We left to go to Death Valley a couple of days before a storm was to come thru.   The day we went into the park, the weather forecast for that day was rain and potential flash floods.   We had no rain.  

Next day driving to Lake Havasu it had started raining.    Got to Lake Havasu and no rain.   Day we left to return to Apache Junction, was suppose to rain, we were just in front of it all the way.       Before leaving for River Falls, we went back to the Phoenix Botanical Garden to see the butterfly house.     Leaving for River Falls we went to Chinle, AZ on the Navajo National Reservation to take a tour in the Canyon de Chelly National Monument.   To take the tour you must have Navajo guide or a Ranger guide, otherwise you cannot get into the canyon.   You can drive either the North Rim road or South Rim road.    We took a 3 hour tour in the canyon.        Off of the Canyon de Chelly is two other canyons, Canyon Del Muerto and the Black Rock Canyon.    In the spring Canyon de Chelly has a lot of water running off from distant mountains that last only several months.  Normally, the tour occurs only in the Canyon de Chelly but beyond where the other two canyons take off the water in Canyon de Chelly is two deep.   We ended up driving thru water in de Chelly to get to Canyon Del Muerto where most of our tour occurred and it was fantastic.  Be sure to see the photos.   

We had Elaine's family get together the last week of July, first week of August at the Lake Owen Resort which is located just north of Cable, Wisconsin and on the south shore of Lake Owen.    We were in Pittsburg, on our way to meet the Vedder's in Philadelphia to see the various museums and the Liberty Bell.    When they called to cancel, they were going to spend a week at Virginia Beach after Philadelphia and a side trip to Gettsbury.   Because the hurricane that hit Florida, the hotel cancelled all reservations.    So we continued on to Virginia to visit Art's relatives.     The day after Thanksgiving, we left for Arizona for the winter.    Karl and Wendy visited us in January.                       


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